We use that word a lot in the church.

But what is ministry?

The dictionary doesn’t do a stellar job of defining the term. A quick Google search reveals a limited definition: “ministry is the work or vocation of a minister of religion.”

Okay. But what IS ministry??

When speaking to our 8th grade class, my middle school principal described ministry as ‘picking up a piece of trash that you walk by on the street.’

That resonates. So, perhaps this a better definition of ministry: “something that we DO that needs to be done?”

I think we’re getting closer, but something is still missing.

The WHY.

Why minister? Why do that thing we know we need to do?

Perhaps we feel called to do something.

Have you ever felt called to do something? I’m gonna take a wild guess that you have and DO feel called to something.

And it’s that gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudging of the Holy Spirit that prompts us to take action. That prompts us to DO something.

To Sing.

To Welcome.

To Feed.

To Talk.

To Love.

And yes, to pick up that piece of trash.

Let me encourage you to wrestle with this idea of ministry and it’s implications. And may God bless you as you minister. Keep shining that light! Keep ministering to others.

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