Singing is an important part of worship.

In his classic, A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections, Jonathan Edwards says,

The duty of singing praise to God seems to be given wholly to excite and express religious affections.

There is no other reason why we should express ourselves to God in verse rather than in prose and with music, except that these things have a tendency to move our affections.

And in his book, True Worshippers, Bob Kauflin says,

Crying out to God for grace to feel strong affections toward him is itself a sign of a true worship.

There’s a reason why in chapter 13, verse 6, the Psalmist declares,

I will sing to the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me.

Singing is biblical and vital to our Christian faith.

But it’s tricky to sing in-person right now.

I know, friend.

But you can sing, and your choirs can sing!

It might not be in a traditional choral setting, but they can still sing and share even though it looks different.

Many of you are holding digital rehearsals. And some of you are working on virtual choir (and instrumental) presentations.

Some of you are rehearsing and presenting safely in-person.

And this is fantastic!

You’re encouraging your folks to share. You’re encouraging your musicians to SING!

Bob Kauflin continues, 

Singing can be the very means God uses to touch our hearts and move us toward faith again.

That resonates with me.

I’ve seen the Lord bring folks back to him time and time again through singing.

We can’t forsake our voices. We were created to worship!

A wise man once stated, 

The human voice is the only instrument God created and we’re supposed to use it!

So, are you using your voice, friend? Are you encouraging others to use their voices??

I know we have to be careful about singing in group settings right now.

But we can still encourage folks to sing, whether on Zoom, in virtual choir presentations, in their cars, in the comfort of their own homes enjoying the digital worship experience on Sunday mornings, or safely in the loft and in-person.

Singing is important.

Jesus sang.

Let’s keep singing 😉

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