Lent is almost over.

We’ve had the opportunity to search ourselves. To purge the sin from our lives. To understand what it means to follow Christ more deeply.

(I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that we must seize these opportunities each and every day.)

Holy Week is here! What now??

Now we journey toward the cross. And in turn, we make our way closer to the Resurrection.

Easter is almost here! Yes, Christ must first suffer an agonizing death on a splintered pair of wooden beams, but the Resurrection quickly follows the crucifixion.

Yes, Holy Week is here! What now??

Now, church music directors from all around the globe (you included) will empower and inspire their choirs, instrumentalists, and congregations to passionate worship!

Holy Week is here! What now??

You’ll probably be the first person to arrive and leave after several services. And even though you’re tired (overworked, really), you do it joyfully, because at the end of the day you do your work in service to God and others.

Holy Week is here! What now??

The microphones and livestream probably won’t work the way you want them to at first. But your sound person will eventually get it right! At least you hope so 🙂

Someone will probably complain about the opening hymn. Yes, it’s annoying, but life goes on. But it’s still so annoying!

But you remind yourself that life goes on, and in the grand scheme of things, there are more important things to worry about, like, will the keyboardist remember to modulate on verse three?? Or will the pastor remember to turn his or her microphone off of mute??

Holy week is here! What now??

The kids probably messed up the Palm processional. But it’s okay because they’re so cute! And God delights in their hearts and voices.

Oh, and the new and creative way you thought to plan the opening Palm Sunday hymn this year will probably fell flat with your congregation. You may be hearing things like, “No one knew that opening hymn, so we didn’t sing,” even though you’ve sung it as an Introit for five weeks leading up to the service…

Holy Week is Here! What now??

Even though things don’t go perfectly according to plans. Even though your musicians miss that queue. You pray for congregants and guests. You pray that they understand more fully and thoroughly than ever before the great love of Jesus Christ.

You pray that you yourself will understand more fully and thoroughly than ever before the great, great love of Jesus Christ.

Holy Week is Here! What now??

You get excited about Christ’s Resurrection that’s just around the corner. Because it’s through his Resurrection that we enjoy life and freedom.

Christ freed us from the bondage of sin. Christ made way for us by conquering death, hell, and the grave.

You worship. You do your work with excellence. You glorify your God.

Yes, friend. Your work is important. Especially, during Holy Week.

Holy Week will be over. What then??

You’ll probably crash and sleep in! And then you’ll wake up and continue doing the great work that you’re called to.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Blessings on your Holy Week journey and ministry, friend.

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