The Choir Trial Period is one of simplest and most effective strategies you can implement. It’s a great strategy any time of the year, but the best time to use it is just before of Lent and/or Advent.

=========> Here’s how it works:

Think about businesses, particularly software companies, and the marketing strategies they employ.

They frequently offer “trial periods” for certain products – software, memberships, etc. –

“Try our software free for 30-days.”

“Enjoy your 7-day free trial period for this membership
before you officially sign up.”

No risk, right?



What is the No. 1 single biggest objection that folks have for not joining the choir?

The research shows the following:

“I don’t have time. I’m just too busy.”

We must overcome this objection if we want new folks in our choirs!

This is where the Choir Trial Period comes into play.

(FYI, you can continue reading the rest of this post to learn this very effective strategy, but if you prefer, click “play” on the following video that explains it all.)


As mentioned before, this strategy is best used just before Lent and/or Advent, but it works any other time of year too.

Remember us talking about businesses and trial periods to “try out” their products and services before actually signing up??

That’s what we’re doing here.

We’re giving folks a 4-6 week period to sing without officially signing up for the choir.

This helps over come the single BIGGEST objection…

“I don’t have time!”


You can make it known in your verbal and printed announcements like so:

“Listen, friends. We know that the single BIGGEST objection to signing up for the choir is that you simply don’t have enough time in your schedule. It’s tough to commit to weekly rehearsals and ALL the other things.

That’s why we want to invite you to join the choir for a short period of time – a Choir Trial Period, if you will. Lent begins in just a couple of weeks and it’s a PERFECT time to “try out” the choir. (Take time to explain Lent, perhaps.)

Commit to the Choir Trial Period beginning on _____ and ending on _____. This is a perfect way to get to sing with others and lead in worship without the long-term commitment.”

(Feel free to use that blurb above and make it work for you and your congregation/parish with my permission.)

Now the marketing of this is the “make it or break it” moment for the Choir Trial Period.

Consistency is KING.


Well, Jesus is King, but you know what I mean!


You must be consistent in your marketing efforts!

  • Get your current choir members on board with the plan. Explain it to them. Encourage them to solicit to their circle of friends.
  • Ask to speak to your various church Sunday school classes about the trial period.
  • Talk to the youth pastor and youth group about singing.
  • Make several verbal announcements in worship, and not just at the beginning and end of the service. Mix it up! Change it up. Make it interesting!
  • Work with your church administrative person to publish the announcement in your various printed materials for a few weeks.


DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT try to implement this strategy in one week.

You need a runway.

Now, here’s the cool thing – results will vary, but I’ve seen this strategy add 20-30% MORE choir members during any given season.

And here’s the REALLY cool thing – most of the time, 20-30% of the new singers join the choir long-term!

Woot, woot for choir growth!

Okay, friend. I sincerely hope you take action on this super simple and SUPER EFFECTIVE strategy.

And stay tuned, because I’ve got some more choir growth tips coming your way!

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