A few months ago I warmed up to the idea of digital rehearsals on Zoom and began leading my choir members in rehearsal again.

It took a little while, but I did it!

And now I’m able to regularly connect with my singers and give them a platform to connect with one another.

But why??

What’s the purpose of all this?

WHY rehearse at all?

You and I are both aware of the benefits of the digital rehearsal as it pertains engaging and connecting with our singers.

But what are the MUSICAL benefits??

Chances are that your choir isn’t presenting music right now due to the pandemic.

Things are way different than a “normal” ministry season!

So you have to think outside the box and get creative on this one.

Have you every heard the term Virtual Choir Presentation?

I know you probably have! And maybe you’re absolutely sick of the term!!

You’ve likely seen one (or one million!) of these on the internet. They have sort of taken over our social media newsfeeds!

And if you’re tired of seeing them or don’t think you’re open to the idea of creating one yourself, I’d like to give you some “food for thought.”

Recently, a music director friend, Tim, shared with me the following sentiment,

“Chris, the choir is a dying breed in a lot of churches. But not at my church! And not on my watch! If it takes learning a few new things and getting creative with technology to help my choir thrive in this season, then I’m up for the challenge.”

I absolutely love Tim’s attitude!

Hopefully his passion resonates with you.

He’s right!

This is an opportunity to thrive in a less than ideal season!!

Sure, you can skirt along playing old recordings of the choir on Facebook and YouTube. OR you can THRIVE and sing a NEW song!

Psalm 96:1 proclaims,

“Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.”

Now you may have some objections about the process. More than likely, you do!

And that’s okay. You’re human! And the good Lord knows I had my fair share of objections!

Here are some common objections to creating virtual choir presentations:

1.) “I’m not super tech savvy. Therefore, I don’t think I can do it.”

This is an easy one to overcome, my friend.

All you need is a computer and (2) free software platforms available on both PC and Mac computers.

And some folks use only (1) free software platform. And did you hear me? They’re free!

2.) “My choir members aren’t tech savvy. They’re apprehensive about the process.”

Your choir members, my choir members, Tim’s choir members – they’re ALL apprehensive!

You know why??

This is their first time doing something like this.

And let me tell you a little secret… (folks are scared of what they don’t know).

All your choir members need is a cellphone or tablet and some headphones.

And if they don’t have either of these things, then I bet they could borrow the items from someone.

3.) “Virtual choirs aren’t really choirs.”


Tell that to Mac Wilberg and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

They recently recorded a HUGE virtual choir presentation of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus showcasing their own singers and singers from around the globe.

It is absolutely beautiful!

I was moved by the presentation. And so were many others!

What is a choir anyway?

It’s a group of people who are joined together by their love and passion for singing.

They work hard to present music together in fellowship and have fun along the way!

And what is a church choir?

All of these very same things, friend!

PLUS, they lead worship and help others see that the Lord is in their midst during the corporate worship gathering.

Are you meeting with your congregation digitally these days?

Me too!

Are you leading worship?

So am I!

Do you have a choir that could lead worship digitally?

Me too!!

You see where I’m going with this, friend.

You can do this!

You are not alone!!

There is a community of like-minded music directors ready to meet you on the road you’re traveling (or haven’t started traveling yet).

Jean is almost finished with her first virtual choir presentation!

Kathy has accomplished several!

And Diane’s choir regularly leads hymns in digital worship at her church!

And you can join these wonderful music directors, plus many others, who are growing their choirs, rehearsing their choirs, AND presenting virtually during this pandemic season.

They are thriving. And so can you.

How about you take the plunge and join us?

Much love,